5 Fruits that you Should Add into your Diet to Reduce The Risk Of Cancer Growth in your Body

Fruit is a gift from heaven and there is no question about it. Eating fruits every day is the best meal that you can have for the whole day because it is said to be the most healthy food in the world together with vegetables.

Eating different healthy fruits is like extending the lifespan you have because fruits offer nutritional gain to the human body in the form of many beneficial substances including antioxidant, phenols, fiber, folic, and vitamin C which is potent for a healthier body.

Specifically, fruits such as apple, avocado, tomato, banana, lemon, pineapple, and grapes have been discovered to be the most effective in eliminating and preventing cancer cells from the human body.

Many studies have proven that fruits mentioned above have the ability to fight cancer cells and prevent them from spreading or developing in the human body. According to 206 studies that a higher intake of vegetable and fruits is associated with a lower risk of cancer types such as colon, lung, stomach, pancreas, and oral cavity.

Here are the list of fruits and the reasons why you have to eat them to prevent any cancer development in your body.


Pineapple has found to have bromelain enzyme which is capable of breaking the protective layer in tumors. This compound is commonly found in the stem and fruit of pineapple. It also has the capability to makes normal cells stronger and healthier than before.


Eating apple can keep your doctor away, and there is no question about it. Apple has Procyanidins that can induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Dangerous types of cancer such as Liver, Colon, and Breast Cancer can stop by the compounds called triterpenoids which are found in the apple.


Grapes are very tasty and delicious and one of the most popular fruit to serve every end of the year. This fruit is not just delicious but it also contains the properties to stop cancer cells from spreading in the human body. Clinical cancer research has shown evidence that the grape seed extract can kill three-fourth of leukemia cells by triggering a protein called JNK, which stimulates apoptosis in cancer cells. It is also believed that everyday consumption of greats can prevent you from the risk of Lungs, Bowel, Breast, Skin, Prostate, and Stomach Cancer.


Based on a study that eating banana can prevent the production of leukemia and liver cancer cells because of some compounds that help them block the growth of the said types of cancer including the Colorectal, Brain, Esophageal, and Oral Cancer.


Soursop has already been popular because of the ability to kill cancer 10,000 times stronger and effective than chemotherapy and without harmful side effects with the cancer patients. It is also believed that this fruit is the best alternative natural medical treatment that can kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer including, Colon, Lung, Breast, Prostate, Pancreatic Cancer.

Source: insmiler.info