5 Surprising Benefits of Using Coconut Oil In Your Skin Before Bedtime

Coconut oil is one of the most popular oil not just in cooking purposes but it is also popular for different kinds of health treatment and beauty purposes.  Coconut oil has been very in demand for a long time ago since our ancestors.

Many believe that coconut oils do wonders for the skin and it can make people look younger by applying the oil daily. It is also believed that using coconut oil for your daily beauty care routine can make you look younger and maintain a healthy and smooth skin that every people always dream about especially women.

So if you are not convinced with the capability of the coconut oil, you can read some of its health and beauty benefits that will surely convince your senses to start using it now.

1. Excellent Cellulite Cream of Whipped Coconut Oil

Most women are dealing with the unpleasant orange skin look alike of their skin, luckily the coconut oil can offer the perfect solution by making a cream out of the coconut oil.

To make the cream all you need is the following ingredients and to follow the preparations.


  • Coconut oil
  • Honey
Preparations and Applications:

All you need is to mix the two ingredients until you get a creamy mixture and then start applying it on the affected area before bedtime. Repeat this treatment daily until the Cellulite in your skin disappears.

2. Get Rid of Varicose Veins Using Coconut Oil

One of the best things to use to remove your varicose veins is coconut oil. All you need to do is to gently massage the affected area with coconut oil every day. Repeat this treatment daily until you notice that the varicose veins are already fading away.

3. Nourish Your Skin Overnight Using Coconut Oil

By using coconut oil to your skin every night before going to bed you will provide perfect skin treatment for nourishing the skin. The deeply penetrating property of this oil will make your skin soft, elastic and nourished as well.

4. Coconut Oil Hand Cream 

Since we now the soothing and smoothing properties of this oil you are guessing that coconut oil is more than good for your hands. Stat nourishing your hand skin by using coconut oil hand cream and you will feel the difference.

5. Chemical–Free Shaving Cream 

It is not only the price that matters when buying shaving creams but as well the chemical components consisted in it. Coconut oil is the best natural solution for shaving underarm areas and other body parts also. The coconut oil will provide full treatment by soothing the skin, keep it hydrated and smell good as well. Not to forget that this is the cheaper way to do it.