Here are The First Two Signs of Ovarian Cancer That Every Women Often Misdiagnosed!

Truly the world has changed and developed, where women are as equal as a man. Most of the women today has already forgotten about many important things including their health. The busy life takes away the attention of the women where there is some risk of health complications that they frequent overlooked.

One of the health risk that they frequent disregard are the symptoms of cancer were almost 70 percent of the women has been diagnosed late causing the cancer cells to developed and spread in the body and the treatment options are getting limited leading to almost zero percent of survival rate. One of the most common types of cancer that affect many women are ovarian cancer. 

Ovarian cancer is a common type cancer which is often misdiagnosed because of it shows a common yet easily disregarded. The problem about this type of cancer is it shows onset symptoms that a person normally wary about. 

There is no routine screening for the mentioned type of cancer and family history is considered a big factor. This makes every woman susceptible to it without them knowing. The symptoms of this type of cancer are common even to normal people with a normal health condition. 

Today we will tell you two of the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer that you should observe. Early detection of this type of cancer can give you various treatment options and a high percentage of survival rate.

The two most common symptoms of ovarian cancer


Bloating can often be overlooked because it is also connected with constipation, improper nutrition, and alike gastrointestinal issues. But if the bloating persist for almost three consecutive weeks you should visit your doctor and ask for some professional advice.

Frequent Urination

This symptom can easily be overlooked and some specialist often diagnoses this sort of manifestation as urinary tract infection, yet in the event that side effects are still there after the treatment, seek advice from your gynecologist as soon as possible.

No question that most women are late diagnosed with ovarian cancer because they always overlook these common symptoms. So if you are one of those busy women who work hard for their family, always remind yourself that even though there are too much task to do, it is still very important to prioritize your health condition.