Good News! Say Goodbye to the Dialysis Machines Because Scientist Has Already Developed a Bionic Kidney!


Good news for those patients who often stay for years waiting in line just to receive a new kidney. A scientist at the University of California, San Francisco, in the US, has already announced their plan to launch the first ever artificial bionic kidney. With this discovery and invention, millions of people around the world can now put their hopes again to high to have a new kidney and live a happy and healthier life just like a normal person who have a normal kidney.

  Based on their statement that bionic kidney is a perfect replica of the normal kidney. This replica contains silicon filters, bio-hybrid, and live cells. Just like normal kidney, it has the capability to filter our body waste and toxins from our bloodstream.

This project will give a new hope for millions of people who are suffering from dialysis around the world. This project was unveiled by Willian Vanderbilt Fissels and Shuvo Roy from the University of California.

The only concerns and the only question of many people about this project are "What if the human body rejects the replica and fail? Would it be a big risk to the human body?". The scientist assures that the chances of rejection are zero and no risk of complications for the patients. According to them that the device works with a set of microchips and is moved by the human heart.

Hope is already coming for patients who have been struggling with kidney disease and are fighting and surviving through the help of hemodialysis. According to the doctors and scientist that they will assure that this device will work properly and there will be zero chance of rejection when already attach in the human body. They said that the chances are 100 percent zero body rejection because the artificial bionic kidney is made from normal kidney cells.

The size of the said device is just like a cup of coffee and can optimize blood pressure and balance between sodium and potassium in the body.

Based on the report that the artificial kidney will be available for sale within 2 years and the researcher are hoping and believing that the options may be even broader.

Interesting right? Now let us spread the great news so that millions of people who losing their hope to have a normal life will be enlightened to hope again and fight this kind of condition.