Discover The Mystery Behind The Health Benefits Of Lanzones and What Disease it Can Treat!

  Perhaps several people are aware of these fruit named Lanzones that has legit and inexplicable healing substantial effect for everyone.  Whereas, its fruits aren't the ones who occupy medical benefits plus including the leaves and trees.

Then, let us begin and discover the mystery behind this fruit Lanzones as herbal medicine.

Lanzones is a tropical leaf known in the Philippines and another part of the Asian Countries. Because of its fruits that you can eat, you can get it from high trees and oblong shaped leaf. Its fruits have a circular shape that is visible to bright part or translucent white and divided into 5 or 6 section.

It is commonly bought in the market if the season of growing Lanzones has come. It grows in different places in the Philippines and particularly in the Province of Laguna and Camiguin.

What are its health benefits and beneficial substance that may get from Lanzones?

There is various part of Lanzones that enables us to get many kinds of beneficial health benefits such as:

1. The fruits of sucrose, saccharose, fructose and glucose and its skin have tannin. It is rich in vitamins A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and minerals like Iron, Phosphorous, and Calcium.

2. The skin of Lanzones has lansium acid which is an actual poison.

3. This fruit possesses proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, riboflavin and ascorbic acid.

What are the components of this leaf that is used for medication and how it is used?

1. Skin of the trunk

It is normally being boiled in a pot this skin trunk, and it is drunk by the patient. It is also available to withstand to cover the condition of the skin.

2. The leaf

The leaf of Lanzones serves as for use in medical treatment by stewing it and afterward drinking the water of excess from the stewed leaf.

3. Fruit shells of Lanzones

The pulverized fruit shells of Lanzones is mixed with the drink for medications.

4. Dried Lanzones

This dried fruit of Lanzones is available to use as an insect repellant.

  What are different diseases and health issues that it could heal?

1. Constipation

It is effective to drink the excess water in the stewed leaf of Lanzones.

2. Fever

The high temperature of fever is capable of curing by drinking water mixed with pulverized fruit shells of Lanzones.

3. Stomach worms

It helps you to purge the bad toxins in your stomach by drinking the excess water of the stewed Lanzones.

4. Free radicals

The fruits of Lanzones has an active antioxidant which fights the free radicals in our body.

5. Malaria

It helps you to stop malaria from consuming Fruits of Lanzones.

Another information is delivered to you and will gradually help you heal various kinds of problem in your body. It does only mean "all God creations has a Good purpose." It always has a solution to any problem.