7 Reasons Why One Should Pee in The Shower Daily - I'm Sure Number 4 Will Convinced You!


Let's face the fact that each one of us has our own gross habits when we enter the shower room or the comfort room.

One of the habits that we can't deny is when we pee in the shower room and let them drain together with the water, there are also times especially with the boys that even though the urinal is already in front of them they still intend to let the urine release on the floor sometimes on the wall.

We all have gross habits that we are not proud of, but who cares if it appears pleasant or not because it's just you who is in the shower room, nobody can see you.

I'm sure that after your read this you will understand that peeing on the floor while you are showering can give you more convenience and advantages. Aside from that peeing in the shower have some health benefits that even me can't believe and imagine.

7 Reasons Why We Should Pee in The Shower Daily Instead in the Toilet! I'm Sure Number 4 Will Convince You!

1. Clean As You Go

Peeing in the shower especially for the ladies, won't need any tissues to wipe their private part. Ladies won't require sitting anymore just to pee and it is more convenient.

2. The Toilet Will Thank You

Peeing in the shower will keep your toilet cleaner by reducing pee flow into it.

3. Your Water Bills Would Decrease

Peeing in the shower could help you save 1.5 to 3 gallons every time you flush the toilet. It will decrease your monthly water bill.

4. Goodbye Foot Fungus

Did you know that urine has anti-fungal properties? When ladies started to pee in the shower their urine will start to flow in their legs going down to their feet, with this urine all over their feet it can help them fight foot fungus.

5. You Are Not Alone

Don't worry you are not alone because almost 80 percent of the world do the same thing that you does.

6. You Are Officially  A Badass

Peeing in the shower might not sound as radical as getting pierced, still, not everyone has the guts to be able to do it.

7. Save Mother Earth

Aside from saving money because it will cut down your monthly water bill, you can also help our mother earth because your pee can benefit to our nature in a good way.