6 Signs Telling You That You Should Visit a Doctor Immediately Because Your Kidney Is At Risk of Damage


The liver is one of the most important organs in our body and we can't leave without it. The liver is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen and partly protect with the ribs.

We need our liver because it is one of the main reason why we lived, so in order to protect our liver we should be aware of the health condition of it, and one of the important things we should know is the early symptoms of liver damage so we can avoid from overdoing things that can damage our liver and make it worst.

There are hundreds of reasons why our liver is being damaged and each reason has different symptoms that can lead to various liver diseases including, hepatitis, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic liver disease. Some early symptoms of liver disease tend to be easily overlooked because it shows nonspecific, related to any number of different conditions.

Here are some of the common signs of liver disease.

1. Upset Stomach

Frequent nausea and vomiting is a common symptom that your liver is starting to damage or already damaged. But this symptom is commonly overlooked because it can mimic other diseases such as food poisoning, migraine, motion sickness, early pregnancy, depression. But if this symptom has continuously persisted, consult your doctor immediately.

The reason why nausea and vomiting affecting you more frequently is because your body has decreased the ability to discharged toxins.

2. Overall Weakness and Fatigue

Feeling fatigue every day is an obvious symptom of liver damage. When the liver is starting to damage its function and performance decreases and can affect the overall weakness of our body leading to fatigue more often. This is due to the toxins that already growing in the bloodstream that can't be flush out due to the liver cannot function well. If these symptoms persist seek medical advice immediately.

3. Frequent Loss of Appetite

If you notice that if these symptoms persist together with the first two, it is an obvious condition that your liver is starting to damage. This commonly happens when lack of production of bile that supports the digestion of fat in the diet. When your digestion starts to function abnormally foods that you consumed will take a longer time to digest that leads to lack of appetite and a severe loss of weight.

4. Changes in Stool Coloration

The change in coloration of your stool happens when your liver stop functioning well the color of your stool becomes, pale yellow, clay-colored, or brown in appearance. If these happen periodically it not that dangerous but if it happens more often seek some medical attention immediately.


5. Increase the Itching in the Skin

When you notice that your skin becomes sensitive, flaky and being hypersensitive to touch more often than usual it is an early symptom of kidney damage. You can try to stay your skin moisturize but the itching and skin sensitivity is still there and won't get better.

6. Jaundice 

Jaundice is a yellow coloration to the tongue, skin, eyes, and fingerprints. Jaundice is from a rise in bilirubin in the bloodstream and in the bodily tissue that would usually be eliminated in the bile. Bilirubin builds up when old red blood cells are broken down inside the liver. It causes the skin to become yellow. Jaundice can also mean you have a problem with the pancreas or gallbladder, so you should seek medical attention as soon as you can if you develop this symptom.

If ever at least three of the said symptoms above are you experiencing right now, you must visit your doctor immediately and ask for some professional advice. Just be reminded that early discovery can save your liver from being damage that can lead to various health problems.