Narito ang Anim na Paraan Upang Maakit sayo ang Iyong Asawa o Crush.


There are many women that can attract men without any efforts and if you are one of them then congratulations. Getting the attention of many men's can boost the confidence of a woman and one of the things that can commonly attract men is the appearance of a woman.

But not all man can be attracted by the appearance of a woman, sometimes they are looking more on intelligence and attitude.

But if you think that you have the potential to attract more men, we will tell you what are the polls and the experts say works well. There are many studies on what's attracts more men and according to the latest survey, these 6 characteristics are those that attract the most a man to a woman.

1. Marked waist

Many women want's to be thin, but actually, it does not have to be thin but marked. Some studies also stated that there are a perfect hip and waist ratio. A marked waist can be emphasized with clothes, you can also fake your marked waist if you don't have with your clothes and the easiest way is using belts and clothing that form the image of a thinner waist in connection to the hip.

2. Healthy Long Hair

Most men attracted to long hair but healthy hair that looks shiny and silky. So more woman spend more time in the salon just to get a hair treatment in order to be more attracted to be attracted and beautiful.

3. Voice 

Most men prefer a sweet tone and a sharp voice. A woman that have a wonderful voice and can capture the attention of many men by singing is actually an instant attraction to many men.


4. Smiling and showing white teeth

Most men are very attracted to women who have a wonderful smile and white teeth. The smile is one of the biggest attraction of a woman. So if you have a  perfectly amazing smile and white teeth. So if you have a perfect smile and white teeth display them proudly. Once smile can change everything and can send a message to the opposite gender indicating that " I am happy and having fun with you ".

A smile is also an act of an invitation for men to approach you and give the assurance to the men that he is not rejected if she approaches you.

5. Wear red clothes

The red clothes always attract men and based on a study that the red color is the most seductive color among other colors. You can put red on your clothes or even in your lips by putting some red lipstick.

6. Feel to project

Feel sensual, sexy, and attractive. What ones feel it is projected on how one behaves with other people. Actually, all women are beautiful and sexy but need to feel it to being able to express it. Just always think that you are perfect the way you are.