A Natural Way To Cleanse Your Kidneys From Toxins With Okra Water!


Our kidneys are perhaps one of the most important organs in our body which is responsible for clearing all the harmful substances and toxins in our blood. When our kidneys are overload, it can gradually collect the toxins in the tissues particularly when you don't usually drink enough water to produce enough urine to remove the toxins out of your body.

One of the most hobbies that we usually do, that commonly damage our kidney and leaving it a time worn includes drinking alcoholic beverages, eating foods in the fast food chains, smoking cigarettes. Doing these hobbies more often is just like killing yourself little by little.

So to protect our liver from any harmful substances, we should make sure that our kidney is in top condition and to do this we must cleanse it. One of the best ways to use to cleanse your kidney is Okra Soak in the water. 

Why Okra?

Well, okra is full of necessary vitamins and minerals which are essential to our body. Okra has the ability to lessen cholesterol level, alleviate asthma symptoms, increase our immune system, and cleanse our kidneys to avoid kidney damage.

Here are the simple ways on how to create your Okra Water.
  1. Using a knife, cut each side of the okra.
  2. Bring a mason jar and put the okras and pour out some water.
  3. Soak the okras overnight for at least more than 8 hours.
  4. When you wake up in the morning, squeeze all the okras in the water and gather the leftover liquid.
  5. Then your okra water is ready to drink, consume it to cleanse your liver.
  6. Do this remedy every day, after a month you will notice that your urine is more clearer that only means some toxins in your body and liver has already eliminated.

Additional Health Benefits of Okra Water

Since Okra consists a huge amount of dietary fiber, essential minerals, potent antioxidants and important vitamins, it has been known to be remarkably beneficial for health in a number ways.
  • Treating ulcers, sore throat, irritable bowel, and lung inflammation.
  • Decrease cholesterol levels.
  • Lessening the risk of having cancer especially colorectal cancer.
  • Preventing the symptoms of depression and boosting energy levels of our body.
  • Preventing constipation.