This Vegetable Has Eight Anti-Cancer Compounds And Not Just That It Also Contains Many Health Benefits That You Need.


This vegetable is a very popular ingredients to many dishes that you can see in most of the restaurant's menu, but aside from that Celery vegetables is not just for cooking ingredients but it also contain high nutrients that our body needed, It is very beneficial vegetable to use when you are maintaining a good diet and if you want to have good body condition.

Celery can be found anywhere, or you can easily buy in the market for a cheap price. You can also plant in your backyard as long as you maintain them correctly, so you will not buy in the market anymore.

To consume the whole nutrients of the celery all you need is to make juice from it. Taking celery juice every day will help you balance the pH value of the organism which is often acidified due to industrially processed foods. The leaves and stem of Celery have different health benefits to offer you. The leaves of the Celery are rich in Vitamin A, while the stem is an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C, are full of potassium, calcium, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids.

Aside from Juicing the celery, there are also many ways that people Discovered to manage and maximize the benefits of Celery. By extracting the leaves and stem of celery, you can make an essential oil from it. This oil has a specially good effect on the nervous system. Celery has sodium that is soluble in water that is a use of our body while maintaining the moisture of the cells.

Here are some uses of Celery in our Health

According to a study that celery has at least eight types of anti-cancer compounds which have been conducted by the University of New Jersey Ruflutgers. It also showed in their studies that celery contains many ingredients that prevent the spread of cancer in the body. Coumarin is another phytochemicals which protect your body from bad effects of free radical and therefore used in the prevention of the development of colon cancer.

Lower cholesterol

Base on the Laboratory research that Celery has butylphthalide, a chemical compound of celery that can reduce  LDL or bad cholesterol. And other research has also shown that celery reduces cholesterol levels by as much as seven times if you consume just two stalks a day. Celery is also a big help in the excretion of bile acids which removes cholesterol from the body.

Helps with digestion

Celery can help bowel motility. It makes celery a natural remedy that helps get rid of costiveness in our body.

Celery is truly a vegetable with many health benefits that can offer us, so we are lucky to have this kind of healthy vegetable, all we just need to do is for us to consume it correctly and naturally to help us with our health problems. Always remember that prevention is always better than cure so whatever taste this vegetable are it is best to consume it naturally so we can get the full nutrients from it.

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