Ang Pakikipagtalik pala ay mayroong Sampung sakit na Napapagaling. Talaga ngang nakakamangha ito. Basahin dito.

Making love more often can give you a boost of some of your health issues, Many couples in a relationship might don't know about this.

Making love is not advisable for a teenager because it may ruin your study and can affect your future, so for parents, please be advised that this article is prohibited for children this is for adult health purpose only.

So let's go back to our topic. The reason why we will discuss to you this topic is to help a couple in a relationship understand how important an intimate romance not only for your relationship but also for your health.

The practice of intimacy is transformed into health benefits from mental health, blood circulation, incontinence, among others. So stay and pay attention for you to know what are the advantages of making love more often.

Benefits of Making love more Often

1. The Heart

Base on the studies of the expert that frequent intercourse can help you both improve the function of the cardiovascular system, Aside also help you reduce the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases.

2. Antidepressant

It will help you improve your self-esteem and a genuinely useful way for an antidepressant.

3. Headache

Making love with your partner can reduce your headache because it is an effective way to releases Oxytocin and improve the levels of endorphin. Even these hormones help the body and mind to decompress naturally.

4. Insomnia

Getting into an intimate moment with your partner before you go to sleep is a good thing to do if you have insomnia because when you are in the maximum relaxation, the tensions are released, and sleep is favored on your side.

5. Influenza

You may believe this article or not, but making love can cure your flu because antibody production is released for pleasure and because of this it becomes a significant viral.

6. Urinary Incontinence

By making love regularly, it will help you fight against urinary incontinence, as it contributes to strengthening the pelvis and prevents hated urine leakage.

7. Muscle Overload

If you are experiencing muscle overload more often, having intimacy with your partner is a great solution to get rid of it, Because it will help you relax your muscle.

8. Shiny Skin

It helps, also to produce a shiny skin, as it helps you clears toxins which are considered directly in the appearance of the skin.

9. Prostate

Making love more often can help you prevent the risk of getting a prostate cancer. It becomes a wall of protection against the presence of a possible tumor growth.

10. Breast Cancer

Avoid the risk of having a breast cancer by making loved more often with your partner because it can help you protect yourself or your partner from any possible signs of getting cancer. The stimulation of the breast causes the woman to discharges Oxytocin a hormone that defends the against existing of this kind of cancer.

So now you already know the benefits of having made love with your partner more often. So enjoy life and live healthy with your partner. If you find this article significant share it with your friends and love ones.