Onion and Garlic Remedy to Prevent Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Growth

Many people who losing their hair are experiencing embarrassment, loss of confidence to face other people and worst case is bullying. It happens to million of people around the world, some of them are losing hair due to an unknown illness that causes their hair to loss, others are because of reaching the age of 50 above and some other people are already in their blood or genes that inherited to the family ancestry or hereditary.

Luckily there is still a way to grow your hair, but it is not 100 percent accurate it always depends on your hair condition. All you need is an all natural ingredient and follow these simple steps.

Onion Juice and Garlic Hair Loss Remedy

  • 4-5 Garlic cloves 
  • 1 egg yolk 
  • Onion juice 
  1. Make a basic onion juice. 
  2. Grind garlic cloves into a mass and add other ingredients. 
  3. Stir well and use the mask on the scalp with circular movements using only fingertips. 
  4. Leave the mixture for at least 30 minutes to absorb the mixture well and then put some mild shampoo and rinse off with warm water. 
  5. Repeat this procedure every day. 

Garlic mixed with onion is a great combination because these two vegetables help stimulate blood stream to the scalp, support the hair and promote to grow and recover. It is best to use with those who have weakened hair. Garlic juice help removes dangerous toxins and help prevents excessive hair loss so if you are experiencing dry hair and itchy scalp just extract garlic and apply on your scalp to give you relief from those nasty symptoms.

With the help of this mixture you will definitely grow your hair back but always remember that if you want a much quicker result to consult your doctor immediately and ask for some professional advice.