We all know that Herbs is one of the powerful healing elements that God created. There are many different herbs with different health benefits that can offer you. Their culinary, medicinal and relaxation properties are known around the world, Most people add healthy herbs in their eating regimen.

The sad thing is not all of us can manage to get all the fresh herb that we want so we always stick to the dried one. One of the reasons why we can't have the specific herb that we need is that the climate change we have in our country that is not suited to the needs of the herb.

That's why we will teach you a simple method on how to plant and preserved herbs indoor and we will tell you what are those herbs that can last all year long. So here's how to grow herbs indoor.

Growing Herbs Indoors

How do we grow herbs indoor? We have many ways to grow them and preserve them fresh indoor and that we call hydroponics. Hydroponics is the process of growing plant indoors in water.
  • Take some herb cut it and put it in the glass bottles. Then Add water either tap water or water from rain which has been left to air overnight. Remember that don't use tight-fitting containers.
  • Remove leaves in the lower part to avoid rotting in water and then make sure to change the water once a week. When the roots start growing, don't change the water.
  • You can also soak some willow branches in warm water overnight and then use to speed up the growth.
  • Put the jar in bright light where it is exposed to the sunlight.
Here are Herbs That You can Grow Indoors


Basil herb is a great to plant indoor because it is packed with an antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant properties and it provides many health benefits that you can use anytime you want. It is very easy to use all you need is to cut off the stem you want to root before the parent plant flowers.


Planting this herb indoor will give you relaxation feeling because this herb is known for its pleasant and refreshing scent that can spread all over your house. It will also help you to get rid of the unwanted insect inside your house that can cause you an infection or illness like mosquitos, fruit flies and several insects that you commonly see inside your house. To grow this plant inside your home all you need to do is pick several cuttings in spring or fall and put them in water then place in a bright place of your house. Lemon balm can help you improves digestion and reduce anxiety. 


Growing oregano inside your home is comparable to basil because to grow this herb indoor all you need is take fresh oregano cuttings in water and take the growing tips as it grows. Oregano is very popular herb because it comes as a result of its antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and antiviral properties.


This herb is very essential to our health because it will help us with anxiety, plus it will improve our memory. So how do we plant this indoor? All you need to do is to take a few sprigs in the spring from an outdoor plant and place them in a shallow water.


This herb is very easy to grow indoor and one of the easiest actually. All you need is to place some fresh peppermint cuttings in a water. Peppermint is a great ingredient to your salad because it will give you a delicious taste. Peppermint will help you soothe bowel syndrome and decrease your stress levels. It can also get rid pests in your house like mouse and spider because the scent of the peppermint keeping them out from your house.


Rosemary stems will take a while to grow roots and require to be placed in a sunny area. Rosemary is perfect to add to your soup, as garnish or meat rub. It can give you a big amount of health benefits because Rosemary can improve the health of your brain and can boost your memory up to 50 percent and it is also great to use for promoting hair growth.


This herb has the same method of planting indoor as peppermint. This herb is extremely beneficial for postmenopausal women and can help to balance their sex hormones.


Take organic stevia cuttings and put them in a glass jar full of water. Remember that don't place this herb in a cold place because it will die. This herb can help you stop smoking if you are planning to.

All these herbs are easy to plant inside your house and maintain their freshness all year. With the said method you will have a stock of herbs that you can use whenever you want to. If you found this article helpful don't hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy.