If you Use this Natural Laundry Detergent you will Never Buy in the Market Again - Plus You Will Be Save from any Skin rashes


  Many different brands of laundry detergent have already hit the market and we are using it without taking any consideration of what would be the effect that may cause in our body.That's until we have some sort of effect because of the detergent that we are using.

Skin irritation and rashes are the most common side effects of unknown detergent that we are using. The university of Washington has conducted a research about the most common detergent that is commonly used by many. Throughout their research, they found out that most high-profit laundry products are riddled with toxic compounds and they also discover that there are almost 100 volatile organic compounds being transmitted from the six products they examined as well as carcinogens. 

So I know that you want to try or you are looking right now for a more natural detergent if possible. Yes, that's possible because as of now you have one product in your pantry that you can use as your all natural detergent for your laundry and that product is what we call white vinegar.

Here's how to do it

White vinegar is a highly acidic which makes it an excellent for things like this. Add white vinegar directly on spot before washing. 

Things needed:
  • Bar of natural castile soap
  • Salt
  • White vinegar
  • Washing Soda
  • Borax
  • Natural essential oil

  1. Grate the bar soap into small pieces (avoid commercial soup that is not eco-friendly)
  2. Then together with the grated soup add one cup of washing soda, borax and nine drops of natural essential oil (either lavender or orange) to an airtight container bottle.
  3. Then Mix together.
  4. Then pour the mixture to a normal sized load of laundry in place of detergent.
  5. Then add 4 teaspoons of salt and 1 cup of white vinegar and start your washer.
  6. Then you're done. Enjoy an eco-friendly washing detergent with all of these natural products.
Using white vinegar in your laundry will help you save money and you can avoid those detergents with many chemicals plus you can save your family from having a skin disease and rashes. So doing your laundry with the use of white vinegar is one of the wise things you can do with you and your family. Why not give it a try?