Here's How to Identify If your Rice Is Fake or Not ~ Learn Here.


China is one of the Large sources of rice in the world, it produces a different kind of rice with more than 200 tons of rice yearly. But there is a report that rice from China contains plastic content that is very harmful to eat. A report from Korean times that some imported rice produces from China contains plastic, they mix a plastic content in the rice sacks so that they can produce more than they harvested to increase their import of rice.

The reports also included that Chinese are importing and selling artificial rice which is made of potato starch and plastic which is steamed with rice aroma. A further investigation has been made to clarify that the report is all efficient and true, therefore the investigators were lead to a shocking result that all the report was all true and they found out that the rice contained as much plastic as a little plastic bag.

Luckily we can easily determine if the rice is a fake or containing a plastic content with this following simple tips.

The Fire Test 

Light a few rice kernel and see if they burn. If they burn the rice that you have are plastic or fake, If not your lucky because of you're safe.

The Mortar and Pestle

Use a mortar and Pestle to crush some grain rice, then if you see a fine white then it's organic, but if yellow stains appear then it contains plastic.

Water Test

Pour at least 1 tablespoon of grain rice into a 1 glass of water, then observe it because when it fall at the bottom of your glass of water then it's organic, but if its float then its plastic.

Well, it is better to perform this test to make sure that what we eat are all good for our health, because if it contains plastic then this will just bring us a higher risk of getting sick or poisoned. Will in our case here in the Philippines we also have plenty of rice resources so we don't need to buy from Chinese the only things is, it is better to make sure than to say sorry.

Just always remember that it is not just about your health that we are talking about, it's also about the security of your family and children to make sure that you keep them away from any harm. Always think in advance.