A Quick Look from your Toilet will Tell you if you are Healthy or Not.. How? Read this..


People who doing their thing in the bathroom, flushing gold mines, and then wipe with a tissue and that's all, you succeeded. But you know that it would be much better if you inspect at what you are leaving before you flush it, In that case, you will have an actual view of what are the real condition of your health. Knowing this can save your life.

Well, who want to know more about their shit?

When you release the bomb from your inside, the little brown blob in your toilet is what left of the food after you has assimilated every nutrient from it through your body. Pooping is critical for your health because it's a process from your body which its releases all the waste that is not needed anymore and need to trash already. The appearance and smell of your poop can give you some important information on what's happening with inside your body.

Shade of Poop

Blood stained or Red

Blood in your poop can be a symptom of cancer disease, so if you see blood in your stools, set an appointment with your doctor immediately to seek some professional advice.


This means something is not right from your body or you may be bleeding internally because you might have ulcer or worst, cancer, or it may be also caused by some vitamins that have bismuth sub-salicylate or bismuth, so for this case you should consult your doctor as soon as possible to know what is really the caused of your black stool.

White or clay-colored

A bile duct obstruction could be meant by this color of your proof that caused by some medicine that you are taking. Seek for advice about this matter, consult a doctor.


This color of stool indicate some excess fats. Maybe because of malabsorption disorder. It can also be a contraction or absence of bile salts that causes the stool to become yellow.


This is because of bile produced in your liver. It is a normal color of poop, because of a pigment called bilirubin that develops when the red blood cells in the liver and bone marrow break down. It is a difficult process where those bacteria from our body began to construct and eat that makes the poop brown.


By consuming a lot of green leafy veggies that caused your poop to be green in color, and food that might be going into your large intestine.

Texture of Poop

Separate hard lumps, like nuts

You need to drink more liquid and add more vegetables and fruit into your diet. You have insufficient fiber and fluids in your body.

Shape like sausage, smooth and soft

You are doing great, nothing to worry about.

All Liquid and Watery

This will make you visit the bathroom frequently. It's a case of diarrhea which is caused by some infection, so you should fill your body with water frequently to avoid being dehydrated.

Soft blob with clear-cut edges

This is a normal poop, nothing to worry about.

Sausage-shaped but lumpy

You should load yourself with plenty of fluids and fibers, but this kind of poop is not that serious.

Facts about Poops
  • It takes 1 to 3 days before the food you consume ends up in your poop.
  • Bacteria, undigested food, dead cells and mucus are all the ingredients of your poop.
  • You are perfectly healthy if you notice that your poop sink's slowly.

How to avoid uncertain poop or any infections

Well, change your eating regimen into a  healthy eating lifestyle which contains food rich in fiber. Drink a lot of water and a regular exercise will do. If you have difficulty in pooping, eating dietary fiber can help you. The proper hydration will help your colon to be slippery that will help the poop to move through.

How often you should poop?

As per doctor said there are no specific numbers on how many times you should poop to tell you that you're in good condition. If you're always comfortable well there is no need to worry, poof as many as you want as long as you don't feel any pain or something unusual with your poop.

When you should consult a doctor?

Well, if some symptoms persist you should see your doctor immediately, it is so important that we are vigilant to all the things that are happening to our body to make sure that there is no problem.